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Software developed by the group

  • AntibiogramJ: a Java program to semi-automatically determine, measure and categorise inhibition zones of images from disk diffusion tests.
  • DetectionEvaluationJ: an ImageJ plugin that has been designed to evaluate the performance of object detection algorithms using several metrics.
  • fKenzo: an integral assistant for research in (a subset of) Algebraic Topology.
  • GelJ: a Java program for the analysis of DNA gel fingerprints images.
  • IJ-OpenCV: a Java library that allows the communication of ImageJ/Fiji - a software for image analysis that is widely employed in life sciences - and OpenCV - a well-known computer vision library.
  • NeuronPersistentJ: an ImageJ plugin to detect the neuronal structure from an image.
  • NeuronZigZagJ: an ImageJ plugin that calculates the main structure and allows one to check automatically whether two dendrites that are linked in the maximal projection of the stack are really the same, or are overlapped on the plane but there is no intersection between them in the space.
  • NucleusJ: a software system designed to the identification and quantification of neurons from immunofluorescence images.
  • SynapCountJ: an ImageJ plugin that allows one to count the number of synapses of a neuron.
  • Wekabiosimilarity: binary measures implemented in Weka.

Software used by the group

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